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5Rhythmen Schweiz - Termine

Holy Heart - Workshop mit A. Tröndle

Beschreibung: Heartbeat-Workshop
Fr 27. – Su 29. April 2018
in Geneva

We move through the 5Rhythms to free the body and shake and soften the armour that we built around our sacred heart.
If we have the courage to really feel and express its basic emotions it takes us out of the numb comfort-zone of controlled and socially accepted behaviours into a wild land of unpredictable creativity and spontaneity. We can get so excited when we are scared, we open a source of a powerful vitality and passion when we dare to express our anger and we enter a wide space of freedom when let flow our tears about the things we have lost. Really feeling what our holy heart tells us makes us vulnerable, naked and real. It is the key to the infinite and uplifting joy of simply being alive. There we can meet our dance-companions with compassion and love. Together we open up the power to heal ourselves and each other.

Ecole Genets, Salle de Gymnastique 2
Chemin de Sous-Bois 1
1202 Genčve

##Saturday April 28th 12h- 18h
##Sunday April 29th 11h-17h

please arrive 15 min earlier so that we can beginn our session at time

(exkl. Unterkunft und Verpflegung)
CHF 280.– or
CHF 260.– early bird before 1st April 2018.

Contact and booking
Adela Bevan: adeladance@gmail.com ou +41 76 679 30 50.

Open Wave
There will be an open wave on the Friday evening 27 April
Cost:25.- CHF (normal) 20.- CHF (reduit)Time:19:45h -21.45hAdress:Dance Area
Coulouvreničre 19
1204 Genčve
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